GIPL Celebrates 10 Years of GIPPYs!


On Sunday afternoon, April 17, friends from far and near gathered in the Social Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta for an interfaith celebration for the Earth and to celebrate ten years of GIPPY Awards. GIPL honored these four faith communities:

Power Award – Northminster Presbyterian Church of Macon
Light Award – Honey Creek Episcopal Retreat Center of Waverly
Trailblazer – Roswell Community Masjid of Roswell
Ministry of the Year – The Green Dream Team of Covenant Presbyterian Church of Athens

The Board also presented to Dennis Creech, co-founder of Southface Energy Institute and longtime GIPL friend with the Lifetime Achievement Award. We are grateful for each of these honorees and their leadership in Georgia’s faithful sustainability movement!

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Food & Faith: UMC Creation Care Conference Digested


Food engages us with Creation day in and day out. As we fill our plates and cups, we inevitably connect with people, plants, creatures, and places from across our yard to across the world. Whether we embrace or ignore that connection matters for the health of the world and for our very souls. Continue reading

Islamic Community Center of Atlanta Receives GIPL Grant

Islamic Cultural Center

The Islamic Community Center of Atlanta in Fayetteville, Georgia, received a GIPL Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to replace old inefficient light bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs in their building.  After completing an energy audit with GIPL, the ICCA decided to implement retrofits with their 4 T-12 light fixtures utilizing a matching grant of $850 from GIPL in addition to rebates from Georgia Power.

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Congregation Bet Haverim Receives GIPL Grant


Congregation Bet Haverim in Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded a GIPL Power Wise Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to assist them with energy improvements.  Congregation Bet Haverim completed an energy audit with GIPL and decided to focus their efforts on replacing old thermostats with WiFi thermostats with a $750 matching grant.

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Sustainable Investing: Methodists, Money & Faith


For God is the one who provides seed for the farmer and then bread to eat. In the same way, he will provide and increase your resources and then produce a great harvest of generosity in you.- 2 Corinthians 9:10

Over the last seven years there has been a remarkable, heart warming, thoughtful and progressive movement towards a more sustainable future and a true understanding of caring in a deep and meaningful way for God’s creation. We see this seismic shift in headlines all over the world. Some are inspiring and more is happening. Continue reading

Dennis Creech to Keynote 10th Annual GIPPYs


Make plans to kick off Earth Week with GIPL by attending the 10th Annual GIPPY Awards featuring keynote speaker Dennis Creech of Southface. 

Creech has been a leader in sustainability initiatives for the past four decades. As co-founder and director of Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, he is part business manager, energy advocate, and community organizer. Most importantly, he is a trusted leader across the Southeast, able to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders towards a common goal of building sustainable communities. Continue reading

Creation Consciousness as a Spiritual Discipline


Outdoors was always my favorite place to be when I was growing up.  My neighborhood had about 20
kids who played basketball, rode bikes, caught fireflies, climbed trees.  We were free to roam without
any worries or restrictions.  On Saturdays, I tagged along when my dad got his exercise by walking 4
miles in a large, wooded park.  Having grown up on a farm, he was rejuvenated whenever he could get
outdoors.  We never thought about “the environment” in those days.  Outdoors was just there. Continue reading

First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville Receives GIPL Grant


First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville, Georgia, was another church that received a GIPL Power Wise matching grant this past cycle to help implement energy efficiency in their church.  After completing an energy audit with GIPL last year, First UMC decided to focus their efforts on installing Wi-Fi thermostats throughout their buildings.  They received $4,811 through a GIPL grant in order to replace their old thermostats with 55 Wi-Fi thermostats. Continue reading

Beautiful (but toxic) Easter Lilies


Have you ever given thought to how the beautiful Easter Lily is cultivated year after year? This plant that signifies glory and resurrection in the Christian church and for countless others, the hope that spring has sprung. As beautiful as this flowery creation is, it actually represents toxic agricultural practices that are putting our neighbors in California at risk, the home of where all Easter lilies are grown.  Continue reading

South of the Gnat Line, PART 2


Driving through south Georgia, it might seem that there are as many churches as gnats. And there are A LOT of gnats! 

Down here, almost all public gatherings begin with prayer, and you’re more likely to see sweet tea served at a fancy meal than wine. You don’t schedule a meeting or athletic game on Wednesday nights, and when you move to a new town, one of the first questions asked might well be, “Where do y’all go to church?” 

Churches are the main organizing infrastructure for south Georgia communities; they hold together the social fabric in many rural towns. If you really want something done, ask a church lady!

South Georgia is also unique in some unfortunate ways. It is home to some of the state’s (and nation’s) worst statistics: persistent poverty, obesity, lack of access to medical/dental care, and even food deserts (ironically, amid a sea of agriculture).  Continue reading