Trinity Presbyterian Receives GIPL Grant

Trinity preK

Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta a received a GIPL Power Wise Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to help upgrade the lighting in their preschool building.  Trinity Church completed an energy audit with GIPL, and from the recommendations on that audit, they decided to replace their old light fixtures with T8 lights, which will increase the preschool building’s energy efficiency.  The church was awarded $5,000 from GIPL in order to implement the light fixture upgrades.

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Thurman, the Disinherited, and Environmental Justice

Scanned: December 14, 2005
Howard Thurman
at Marsh Chapel
March 6, 1959

It is an honor to be with you today and I am so glad that your Pastor Eason was willing to share his pulpit with me on this night. I join you to talk about Environmental Justice. Specifically Environmental Justice in the context of the life and work of Howard Thurman and his work Jesus and the Disinherited.

Many of you probably know of Howard Thurman but for those who need a refresher. Howard Thurman was many things, he was a preacher, a scholar, a philosopher, a teacher, a writer, a mystic. He was probably best known for his most famous text Jesus and the Disinherited, which Martin Luther King was said to have carried around with him, this text contains many of the theological underpinnings of the civil rights movement.

I first came into contact with Howard Thurman’s thought and spirit, when I attended Boston University, where he served as the first African- American dean of a white university chapel. After my father died I found myself lost and confused and so at some point I stumbled into Marsh Chapel where I found his works and his recorded sermons. I don’t think it is hyperbolic to say that Howard Thurman saved my life. His voice, his words, his ideas were living water in the desert that my soul had become. I come here tonight in hopes that in the same way that he provided me with a renewed reverence for life Thurman might be able to ignite a reverence for all of life. And I hopes that this reverence may raise our conscious concern for creation. Continue reading

Webinar Wednesdays with Trisha Tull


GIPL  partnered with Hoosier IPL for the month of May to offer a series of webinars to equip people of faith for inspired climate action. In this series, “The Spirit Is Willing, and We Are Not Faint,” we seek to address the questions:

What strengths are being called forth among those who care for creation from a Judeo-Christian perspective? What does an ecologically sustainable future look like, and how can we know it when we see it?

This series features the scholarship of Rev. Dr. Patricia Tull, Professor Emerita of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Program Director of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. Dr. Tull shares her work on her blog “Inhabiting Eden,” also the title of her latest book.

Watch a recording of the first webinar entitled, “Rethinking Scripture, Humans and Creation.”

Join us for Webinar Wednesdays from 12-12:45pm Eastern Time. To register, click here.

First Baptist Church of Blakely Receives GIPL Grant

blakely collage

First Baptist Church in Blakely, Georgia, was awarded another GIPL Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to upgrade their lighting to LED fixtures.  Many energy efficiencies have been incorporated already at this historic church in South Georgia following their GIPL energy audit a few years ago. Now the church is upgrading the old lighting in their Choir Room to energy efficient LED fixtures.  They received $688 in order to implement these lighting upgrades.

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Mohammed Schools of Atlanta Receives GIPL Grant


The Mohammed Schools of Atlanta was awarded a GIPL Power Wise Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to help them in implementing energy saving measures.  This Islamic school on the eastside of Atlanta completed an energy audit with GIPL last summer to see where energy improvements were needed.  After the energy audit, the school decided to upgrade their thermostats to WiFi thermostats, replacing old lighting with energy saving light fixtures, and installing LED exit signs with a GIPL grant of $5,694.

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Compost as a Vision of Grace


Compost as a Vision of GraceI’m the kind of person who takes pictures of piles of what others call “trash”—used paper plates smeared with BBQ sauce, the green beans some toddler spit out, greasy napkins and the like—and then posts the photos on Facebook (which rarely get any “likes”!).

I see the potential of this so-called trash; indeed, it is like treasure to me when I fast forward in my imagination to the vegetables and flowers that will someday be nourished by it. The photo also documents an act of love and care for God’s creation, and so I think God finds that pile beautiful too. Continue reading

Journey Men’s Shelter Receives GIPL Grant


Journey Men’s Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, received a GIPL Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to update their lighting and light controls for energy savings.  A grant of $5,983 was awarded to Journey Men’s Shelter to implement more efficient light fixtures and controls for the lights after they completed an energy audit with GIPL.  The new lighting controls are estimated to save the shelter almost $2,000 in annual energy costs!

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GIPL Celebrates 10 Years of GIPPYs!


On Sunday afternoon, April 17, friends from far and near gathered in the Social Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta for an interfaith celebration for the Earth and to celebrate ten years of GIPPY Awards. GIPL honored these four faith communities:

Power Award – Northminster Presbyterian Church of Macon
Light Award – Honey Creek Episcopal Retreat Center of Waverly
Trailblazer – Roswell Community Masjid of Roswell
Ministry of the Year – The Green Dream Team of Covenant Presbyterian Church of Athens

The Board also presented to Dennis Creech, co-founder of Southface Energy Institute and longtime GIPL friend with the Lifetime Achievement Award. We are grateful for each of these honorees and their leadership in Georgia’s faithful sustainability movement!

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Food & Faith: UMC Creation Care Conference Digested


Food engages us with Creation day in and day out. As we fill our plates and cups, we inevitably connect with people, plants, creatures, and places from across our yard to across the world. Whether we embrace or ignore that connection matters for the health of the world and for our very souls. Continue reading

Islamic Community Center of Atlanta Receives GIPL Grant

Islamic Cultural Center

The Islamic Community Center of Atlanta in Fayetteville, Georgia, received a GIPL Energy Efficiency Matching Grant to replace old inefficient light bulbs with energy saving LED bulbs in their building.  After completing an energy audit with GIPL, the ICCA decided to implement retrofits with their 4 T-12 light fixtures utilizing a matching grant of $850 from GIPL in addition to rebates from Georgia Power.

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