Take advantage of our educational offerings, created by seasoned experts, technical gurus, and theologians seeking to enhance your knowledge and practice of environmental stewardship.

Classes & Workshops

Four Directions LogoGIPL offers a Sacred Activism workshop as part of our Four Directions Fund. Participants in this workshop can apply for up to $300 in seed grant money.


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GIPL is a nonprofit that depends on the generosity of congregations and individuals like you. Our classes, presentations and sermons are led by highly skilled individuals. We would love to come to your community and share our knowledge. If these honorariums are a hindrance to your community, please let us know. Our goal is to Care for Creation and to spread this knowledge far and wide.

Suggested honoraria:

  • Single Service with Preaching/Homily – $100
  • Single Education Class – $50
  • Education Series – $50 per class
  • Download and use of Curriculum – $25
  • Film Screening with Presentation – $75

*Please note: These suggested amounts apply to Metro Atlanta locations. Locations outside of the metro area will be asked to submit an honorarium plus the cost of mileage ($0.55/mile).