Creation Wise: GIPL's Green Certification


Creation Wise is GIPL’s congregational resource for Creation Care. Use these handy guides to map a path to sustainability for your faith community!



Our Power Wise program will provide your congregation with a low-cost, professional energy audit. Through implementation of energy-saving measures, you can save your faith community 20% on energy bills, leaving more money for your mission. Matching grants are available to help complete energy efficiency projects.



GIPL’s Water Wise program helps your congregation pursue water efficiency. Our Water Wise Guide includes instructions for conducting and implementing a water audit of your congregation.



Waste Wise is a free congregational guide to waste reduction. Waste Wise helps your congregation understand the connection between your faith and your trash.



Buy Wise provides helpful tips on sustainable purchasing and product choices that reflect your congregation’s faith values.



Dirt Wise provides your congregation with a free garden curriculum designed to help you start a garden while you learn about sustainable food. It will guide your congregation through the entire process, from installing raised beds to post-planting maintenance.