Dirt Wise: A Gardening Guide for Congregations

Dirt Wise

Dirt Wise is a free garden curriculum designed to help your congregation start a garden while you learn about sustainable food. It is our hope that more and more communities of faith will see the dirty, hands-on work of garden cultivation as a powerful form of faithful witness.

Dirt Wise is part of our Creation Wise resources. When you download Creation Wise resources, you’ll receive access to the full guide, free of charge. It will provide how-to instructions for planting a garden, guiding your congregation through the entire process, from installing raised beds to post-planting maintenance.

Next are ten educational sessions for use in small group study. These are appropriate for high school youth or adults. Each session is about an hour long and includes scripture reflections, discussion questions, readings that are included in the curriculum, and take home suggestions for group members.

The last section includes a variety of worship resources to help you celebrate your garden together with your congregation.