Check here for resources you can use to implement changes in your faith community as a response to the Pope’s call to action.

Franciscan Action Network is a great resource for Creation care for Catholics.

Catholic Climate Covenant is the Catholic Church’s voice on climate change.

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• “Pope Francis’ Climate Change Talking Points” by Jessie Dye, Program and Outreach Director of Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power & Light

• The Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta is issuing a climate action plan in response to Pope Francis’s historic encyclical. Susan Varlamoff, GIPL board member and director of UGA’s Office of Environmental Studies, is helping to lead the panel that will create the plan.

• Interfaith Power & Light Papal Encyclical Resources lays out basic information and directs you to current news about the encyclical and the faith community’s response to it.

• Read GIPL’s Press Release in response to the encyclical.


• The Archdiocese of Atlanta has launched #RefreshAtl, a campaign to “celebrate the many ways that our parishes and Catholic communities ‘refresh’ and engage others, creating a healthier home for future generations.”

• Global Catholic Climate Movement has put together an informative video to explain why Catholics care about climate change:

• The United Methodist Church’s “God’s Renewed Creation” is good for a Sunday School class curriculum or special study sessions for the fall.

• Here’s a great video from the Catholic Health Association: