Faith Seeking Justice: GIPL’s Environmental Justice Program

What is our mission?

Environmental_Justice_Tour-1-1Faith Seeking Justice aims to educate Georgia’s faith communities about environmental justice and to build capacity for them to address local environmental concerns that affect their neighborhoods, their cities, and their state. Our Faith Seeking Justice class provides an introduction to environmental justice from a faith perspective and includes a brief walking tour of your neighborhood’s local environment.

Contact us to bring the program to your community. We also offer continuing opportunities for learning and help congregations take action by connecting them with local initiatives.

Why environmental justice?

Justice is one of GIPL’s four Faith Principles. Low-income communities, people of color, the elderly, children, and other vulnerable populations disproportionately suffer the economic and health impacts of pollution and other environmental issues. Acting for environmental justice is a direct expression of our most central values as people of faith: caring for our neighbors and caring for the Earth.

Who should get involved?

Environmental_Justice_Tour-kate-croppedWe are looking for congregations interested in learning about environmental justice and partnering with us to work on local environmental concerns of interest to their community.

Your congregation should consider getting involved if:

  • You are already working on or considering environmental justice/environmental health issues and could use more support.
  • You have a health ministry that would be interested in incorporating an environmental health initiative.
  • You have a sustainability initiative or green team that would be interested in adding or deepening a justice perspective in their work.
  • You have existing programs and interest in social justice and would be interested in incorporating work on local environmental issues.
  • You want to learn more about environmental justice.
  • You want to sustain and expand your work to care for your neighbors and the creation we share!

How do I get involved?

To bring our Faith Seeking Justice class to your congregation or to learn about other ways to get involved in this work, contact GIPL’s Executive Director, Kate McGregor Mosley, or call us at (404)-377-5552.