Sightings From the Treehouse

Sightings from the Treehouse is an investigative blog series on climate change and the environment, from GIPL’s Power Wise Director, Bob Donaghue.

Thomas Berry's Universe

(6/14/18) When I first discovered Thomas Berry, world religion scholar and renowned author, my eyes opened wide as I felt a void being filled. Over the past 50 years, scientific findings about the creation of the universe, earth, life and consciousness have provided answers about our origins.

Mugged by Reality

(5/18/18) Are houses of worship prepared for the current and coming natural disasters caused by climate change? If not, they need to be.

The Push for a Clean Energy Future

(4/17/18) Over the last several years, universities, foundations and the faith community have led the way in eliminating investments in the fossil fuel industry.

Youth Heed the Call, Again

(3/29/18) Generational change is a given in business, politics and life. In the early 1960s, President John Kennedy’s ascendency to the peak of government was a sign a new generation was in charge with new ideas and direction.

Drill Baby, Drill

(2/19/18) On April 20, 2010 one of the most catastrophic environmental disasters unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up and unleashed a geyser of oil buried a mile below the surface.

The 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Destroy Creation

(10/17/17) The destruction of Creation is the moral issue of all time, and exists because of the power and greed of a few who continue to foster dependence on fossil fuels.

Soft Landing or Runaway Train?

(10/13/2017) Climate change will turn into a runaway train if we do not get mobilized and become truly committed — politically, economically, and theologically — now.

Preparing and Adapting to Climate Change in Georgia

(10/5/2017) In the face of rising tides, soaring temperatures, and threatened wildlife, these faith-based communities are taking steps to protect and care for Creation in Georgia.

Work with Creation, Not Against It – Part 2

(9/26/2017) The author of Ecology of Commerce and Blessed Unrest has recently edited a compilation of over 100 strategies to reverse global warming.

Work with Creation, Not Against It, Part 1

(9/14/2017) Everything is connected by the flow of matter and energy through the ecosystem both locally and globally, and it is cyclical.

Elements of Climate Change – Ecosystems on the Move

(8/29/2017) Changes in our planet present opportunities for species that are able to adapt, but extinction for those that can’t.

Elements of Climate Change - Oceans in Motion

(8/18/2017) Bob explores some of those ways increased temperatures and melting polar ice and permafrost put our oceans — and us — under attack.

Elements of Climate Change – Ice and Permafrost Loss

(8/1/2017) The evidence is clear: global temperatures are rising; new records are set each year. What is that doing in our polar areas, the earth’s natural air conditioner?

Elements of Climate Change – Rising Temperatures

(7/6/2017) The bubble that surrounds the planet has been a free dumping ground for our wastes and our past sins are catching up with us.

Modern Day Book Burning

(6/5/2017) President Trump and his cabinet are eliminating references to climate change in government policy and programs, defunding research, and withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.

Fossil Fuel Industry Coup

(4/18/2017) There is a deep and pervasive force in our government that has as one of its primary agenda items the elimination of environmental protections.