Solar Advocacy Campaign

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Decatur going solar in 2015.

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Decatur going solar in 2015.

“GIPL joins Partners across Georgia in urging 15 percent solar by 2030”

We need more and better pro-solar policies, not fewer.

That’s why we’re urging Gov. Nathan Deal to make commitments that will help put Georgia on the road to 100% clean energy, with 15 percent solar by 2030.

Achieving this state goal would help move our country closer to the national goal of getting 10 percent solar by 2030. This would produce immediate and long-lasting benefits for our environment, including removing 280 million metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere by 2030—the equivalent of taking 59 million cars off the road.

  • Solar power has tripled in the U.S. in the last two years, with another American family or business going solar every four minutes.
  • More than half a millions homes and businesses have installed solar, but Americans still get less than 1% of our power from the sun.
  • Solar’s rapid growth has some dirty energy companies alarmed. Now they’re putting up new roadblocks to solar at every turn, even if it means more pollution and global warming.