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We Can Change

four months i spent away from distraction
four months spent with full satisfaction
knowing that my actions and new found attractions
didn’t contribute to Co2 emissions.

but then i returned from my time in the woods
gaping at those who sat back and stood
living a life behind a curtain
lacking the knowledge of what is certain.
the climate is changing
and we sit back and gawk
animals skins, work conditions, pesticides on corn stalk
we eat this food, this meat,
mass produced in a place where animals are beat
we are raised,
and this is praised
1/3 of natural resources are taken
yet the U.S. itself doesn’t seem to be shaken.

we must change.

too long i have sat back afraid to speak up
and now my fears lie with those giving up
look up
the sky is darkening
there’s nothing left in her water cup
pollution is sickening
and we must find a way to wake up

At 16, you may say I’m acting too early
but am fully in control of my decisions
and i’d rather not live a life of worry
when I could be acting on my visions
i am alive now
i am what’s to come
I may not convince the world, but I can act alone.

there is hope in the human race
the earth is our sacred space
change is possible
no matter left or right wing
no matter age or upbring
look under the blinds——take it what you find.
we. can. change.

-Sandy Lum

Sandy is our newest summer intern at GIPL. She is a rising junior at Atlanta’s Pace Academy, and is working on a year-long on-campus sustainability project as part of her studies. She was inspired to continue this important environmental work after spending fall 2017 in Outdoor Academy.  She recently delved into the world of poetry, using it as a platform for environmental and social justice.