Power Wise: GIPL's Energy Efficiency Program


Welcome to Power Wise! Since 2003, GIPL’s Power Wise program has helped hundreds of congregations save precious energy and money in their facilities by providing low-cost, professional energy audits. GIPL provides energy audits for churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and religious schools.

Power Wise also includes a matching grant program that helps fund energy efficiency projects in congregational facilities. To date, GIPL has awarded $900,000 in matching grant funds to help congregations make the necessary energy efficiency upgrades that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.


The fee to enroll in Power Wise, which ranges from $300 to $500, is based on your congregation size. For this modest fee, Power Wise provides:

*Please note: audits completed in 2012 or earlier need to be redone in order to apply for a GIPL matching grant.

If you are paying for your Power Wise Energy Audit, click here.  If you have already received a GIPL Power Wise Energy Audit, click here to complete a survey. We appreciate your consistent feedback on the GIPL Power Wise Energy Audit program.